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Custom Boot Liners

Advantages of SportSoles Custom Intuition Liners

ULTRALON foam is much lighter than traditional stock liners and injection liners. Actually, using our custom liners will not only provide you with superior warmth and comfort for your feet, but they are also up to 0.5 kilograms (1 pound) lighter. The process requires that the liner template be heated up for a few minutes until the ULTRALON foam is soft and maliable. Once the liner is ready to be fit, it is put on your the foot and placed into the boot to be used with the liner so that it molds to your foot and the inside of your boot for more comfort and better performance. The liner is designed to have an overlap entry instead of a tongue to give it the necessary ankle support without the requirement for additional ankle reinforcement. This overlap design is also the only total contact liner, which means that, unlike foam injection, the liners are in contact with the entire surface of your foot. This design has been proven to offer the best performance and the most comfort for all users.

The ULTRALON thermo-forming closed cell foam is designed to be more resistant to heat related shrinkage and pressure related "packing out" than any other foam in the world. Using this foam in all of our products provides the highest durability and product endurance to our customers.


Between $169 and $199 depending on model.