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Alpine Ski Orthotics

A well made ski orthotic provides a stable consistent platform. A poorly or improperly made device may lead to discomfort, excessive canting and disappointing on-snow performance. Our goal is to to support and maintain the foot as close to the neutral position as possible, while allowing the foot and ankle to continue to articulate. An overly rigid or excessively posted device designed for normal footwear can block the subtle movements that occur in the foot and ankle and are critical to solid skiing mechanics. The SportSoles Alpine ski orthotic can increase both comfort and performance for skiers of all ability levels.

You don’t need to compromise comfort for performance. Our sport orthotics for ski boots are specifically designed to enhance boot fit while increasing power transfer to the ski edge. Depending on application, each SportSole full length orthotic or custom footbed is molded form a Kydex® or Polyplast shell with cork or EVA foam fill and laminated  top cover. $159/pr.