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Intuition Fitting Process

The Fitting Process

What makesĀ our products unique is our liner molding process, which would not be possible without our partner, Intuition Liners. All our products are made from thermo-forming closed cell foam. This foam consists of millions of tiny cells, or bubbles, which are created by pouring measured amounts of the mixed ingredients into a two-piece mold which is sealed and heated under tremendous pressure. The material is heated slowly and evenly to a specific temperature and pressure, then is allowed to cool to ambient temperature before the mold is opened and the foam is removed.

This process results in very uniform cell structure and a very high percentage (70% - 80%) of cross-linkage between molecules in each cell wall. This high percentage of cross-linkage between the cells means that the foam does not allow gases in each of the tiny bubbles to migrate to the others, which would change the shape of the foam. The membrane between the cells is also treated with chemical "fillers" which creates a more homogeneous membrane.

All of this results in the ability to mold the foam into a specific shape when heated, which the foam will retain when cooled with reduced heat-related shrinkage, high quality "memory", and resistance to "packing out". This foam can also be re-heated and molded more than once without damaging its structural integrity or quality.

Using this foam for Intuition products allows us to provide a completely customized fit by heating the foam and molding it specifically to your foot and boot at the same time. Since the foam can be remolded several times without compromise, we can also adjust your Intuition liner if you want to fit it into another shell at a later time. One final benefit to this foam is that it will not lose its structural integrity if it is shaved down. As long as the cut does not go all the way through the foam, we can shave small areas around the liner to compensate for any remaining pressure points encountered after molding due to foot irregularities.